Getting to know the process of SEO in the Philippines

             Have you ever heard the term SEO? This term has always been mentioned along with the rampant expansion and growth of businesses worldwide in the online sector. However, despite its popularity in the ears of many, only a few have an in-depth understanding of its definition and function in society. To give you a clearer picture of how SEO works let us first answer the question, what is SEO?

            SEO is an abbreviation that stands for search engine optimization. It is a process that aims to improve a business’ website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services which are related to the company involved. This is performed in several search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It plays a very important role in making your business’ website known and exposed to probable prospects which allows your niche to garner the attention it needs to survive online.

How does SEO actually work?

            Typically, search engines are used by people whenever they have to look up something on the internet. Along with these, are search engine algorithms. These are the computer programs that are responsible for looking for clues to give searches the exact results they are looking for.

            Search engines rely heavily on these algorithms to find web pages and decide which ones to rank for any given keyword. Just like in any development process like app development, SEO also follows its own order of steps. Check out the three-step process for implementing SEO for businesses:

Step 1: Crawling   

            It all begins with crawling. In this stage, the search engines send out web crawlers to look for new pages and record information about them. These crawlers are often coined as ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’ since the very purpose of their existence is to discover new websites, and also to check the content of pages from time to time whether they have changed or have been updated.

            For example, you have a blog post that is linked to your website. When a search engine crawls your business’ homepage, it will look for another link to follow and may end up following the link to the new blog post that has been mentioned.

Step 2: Indexing

            Moving on to the next step in SEO is indexing. It is where a search engine gets to decide whether or not it is going to use the content that it has crawled into. If for example a crawled web page is recognized as worthy, it will be added to its index which will be used at the final ranking stage.

            Once a web page has been indexed, it will now be filed and stored in a database where it can be retrieved later. And to ensure that your business’ website will be placed upon the good side you must ensure that the web pages offer unique and valuable content. In addition, here are a few things to avoid if you aim to have your website indexed:

  • Duplicated website content
  • Low value or spammy content
  • Uncrawlable website
  • Insufficient or lack of inbound links on pages

Step 3: Ranking

            Last but not least is ranking. It is the third and most important step in SEO. Of course, since the steps are done in order, ranking cannot be accomplished if the crawling and indexing stages are incomplete. That is why, once your website has been crawled and indexed, it is now ready for ranking.

            Search engines have more than 200 ranking signals that are used in sorting and ranking website content. All of these fill under technical optimization, off-page, and on-page optimization which are considered the three pillars of SEO. Want to know some examples of these signals? Check them out below:

  • Website’s reputation
  • Loading speed of the web page
  • Keyword presence and similarity with the title tag

Key Take Aways

            SEO has surely played its card in bringing a website to the top. And as the years go by, it is expected to continuously grow and expand. It has helped consumers with their needs in improving their website standings and visibility in the online world.

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