A Look into the Future: Digital Marketing Trends in the Philippines 2024

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When COVID-19 hit the Philippines in 2019, it became a pandemic that caused a nationwide lockdown. With that, the digital marketing field expanded exponentially within the country. The challenges that came with the pandemic pushed businesses to accelerate their digital presence, redefining the digital marketing landscape to enable enterprises to continue operations regardless of the lockdown. Even now, as we leave everything behind, digital marketing in the Philippines still continues to rise, with marketers riding the waves of current trends. As the year ends, let’s dive into the future with these exciting trends that will dominate the digital market in the coming year, 2024.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

1.) Voice Search Optimization (VSO)

With the popularity of smart search increasing, voice search is stealing the spotlight. Google also took it up a notch by releasing a voice search for the Filipino language, saying that they hope this will help non-native English speakers allow searches using Tagalog.

As Filipino customers adapt to voice-activated technology, it is essential to optimize your voice searches.

2.) Video Content Marketing

How often do we Filipinos spend our downtime using our mobile phones? Content on the go is what we love. And now, with the release of affordable smartphones in the Philippines, most of our population can access the online world through mobile screens. Video content is tailor-made for this mobile-first culture.

Did you know that a TikTok-commissioned study found that roughly 93% of Filipinos bought products because they saw it on the app? That’s a massive success in the video content sector!

3.) The Era of Nano Influencers

90% of Filipinos lean towards influencer promotions over brand promotions. However, with the continued repetitive and similar content, the influencer industry is coming to a slow downfall, which gives the spotlight to nano influencers. Brands are starting to recognize the impact of niche audiences with their authenticity and genuine connections that seem less staged. These will be the critical drivers for success in the nano influencer community.

4.) The Integration of Commerce in Social Media

Let’s face it: In today’s generation, if your business does not have a social media account, you don’t exist. Rakuten (the company that handles Viber) has reported that as of February 2023, that roughly 70% of the respondents in the Philippines used Facebook for most business transactions compared to the year before. Filipinos love the convenience of online shopping, with 78% of shoppers being women! In another survey it shows that 53% of the online shoppers mentioned that TikTok was their primary platform for social media shopping. We must not forget the rise of Facebook Marketplace!

5.) The Dominance of Artificial Intelligence or AI

Say hello to your 24/7 digital assistant! Chatbots have become a massive shift in the way brands and customers interact with each other. With their ability to provide around-the-clock support, it gives the convenience of instant help with common queries without waiting for minutes to speak to a live agent. Advanced chatbots leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to understand user preferences better.

6.) Mobile First Optimization for your Content

Everyone is on their mobile phones; from the convenience of using Maps to navigate by simply typing in the address to checking out the menu of a new food spot without stepping in the actual restaurant. As brands find ways to make their smartphones more affordable to the masses, it is vital to consider that most Filipinos will have more access to mobile screens than computer screens. With that, mobile-first optimization ensures your content will still look good on those tiny screens.

7.) The Uprise of Disappearing/Ephemeral Content

The charm of ephemeral content comes from the attention span of online users. It fits perfectly in a generation with an evolving love for short-form content. According to studies, it is the most engaging feed content as it leverages the Filipino culture’s fear of missing out. It makes them urgently engaged since your followers know they might never see the ad again. It can also create memory retention, which is the pinnacle of brand awareness.

8.) User-generated Content/Involvement in your Marketing Efforts

It will always be important to connect with your audience. This allows user-generated content to continue to rise. People love to see personally tailored content as it helps them make better purchasing decisions. Engaging with your customers through your content and providing them with a sense of credibility and a little incentive go a long way, whether it is by contests, rewards, or exclusive discounts.

Remember, our first step will always be “Awareness” in our marketing strategy. It’s a good step if a potential customer remembers you!

9.) Social Responsibility on Marketing

The call for eco-friendlier and sustainable marketing is growing amongst Filipinos. From skincare products to ethical marketing practices, it continues as customers become more conscious and vocal about environmental and social issues. 75% of Filipinos prefer sustainable brands, with Carousell Media Group finding that consumers under the age of 35 prefer buying pre-owned items for sustainability.

10.) Using Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful strategy that enhances your website’s visibility and gathers potential customers by increasing search engine ranking positions (SERP). SEO is key to maintaining visibility for businesses that focus their digital presence outside of social media platforms. With the massive percentage of the Filipino population utilizing Google for instant information, it is crucial to use SEO to maintain and increase the visibility of your website.

Looking Ahead in the Digital Future of 2024

Digital Marketing continuously changes as it follows customer behavior. With the algorithm progressing and improving, digital marketers must learn to adapt. Keep your eyes peeled for these exciting developments and be ready to embrace the future of Digital Marketing!

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