Case Study 1: Odyssey Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation Facility

The Odyssey offered exceptional treatment services, catering not only to drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction but also to a broader range of issues. Despite their high-quality services, the company faced challenges in effectively reaching their target audience. Consequently, they approached our team for assistance.


Our main goal for the social media marketing campaign for Odyssey is to utilize Facebook’s paid advertising platform to prompt meaningful interactions through Messenger.


The strategy focused on creating compelling ad creatives and utilizing targeted audience segmentation to maximize engagement.

  • Audience Targeting: Through comprehensive market research, we pinpointed the demographics, interests, and online habits of Odyssey’s desired audience. We then categorized this audience into specific groups to deliver finely tailored advertisements.
  • Ad Creative: Odyssey entrusted us with the creation of visually enticing and persuasive ad content that appealed to their target audience.
  • Ad Placement and Budget allocation: We carefully selected ad placements across Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we strategically distributed Odyssey’s budget towards ads aimed at initiating conversations, ensuring optimal exposure to users likely to engage.


We initiated Odyssey’s Facebook paid ads campaign with a series of engaging ad creatives tailored to various audience segments. We tested different ad formats and continuously monitored and adjusted their ads based on real-time performance.


  • Increased Messaging Engagement: The campaign effectively generated a 100% uptick in messages through Facebook in the last 90 days during which we implemented the strategy.
  • Expanded Reach: Our campaign reached a broader audience, including individuals in need of rehabilitation in Malabon, Antipolo, Cavite, and Ilocos, effectively raising awareness of Odyssey’s services.
  • Optimized Ad Performance: Optimized Ad Performance: Continuous monitoring and optimization of ad performance resulted in improved Return on Investment (ROI).


Our social media marketing strategy achieved its goal of boosting Odyssey’s messaging engagement. The campaign succeeded in fostering meaningful conversations with individuals in need, providing them with the support and guidance needed on their journey of recovery.

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