Case Study 2: BellaDerm

BellaDerm is a beauty clinic located in Baguio City. Despite the clinic’s diverse and exceptional beauty services, the company faced challenges with their post engagements before they began using Facebook paid ads.


The primary objective of our social media marketing campaign for BellaDerm is to leverage the Facebook advertising platform to encourage more posting engagements.


The strategy centered on crafting compelling ad creatives and utilizing targeted audience segmentation to maximize engagement.

  • Audience Targeting: Through thorough market research, we identified BellaDerm’s target audience demographics, interests, and online behavior. We segmented their audience into distinct groups to deliver highly targeted ads.
  • Ad Creatives: BellaDerm entrusted us to create visually appealing and compelling ad creatives that resonated with their target audience.
  • Ad Placement and Budget Allocation: We carefully selected ad placements across Facebook and Instagram and strategically allocated BellaDerm’s budget towards ads for engagement objectives, ensuring maximum exposure and reach.


We initiated Bella Derm’s paid ads campaign with a series of engaging ad creatives tailored to different audience segments. We tested various ad formats and continuously monitored and adjusted their ads based on real-time performance.


  • Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign significantly expanded BellaDerm’s brand awareness, reaching a total brand reach of 173.7K in the last 90 days since the implementation of the marketing strategy.
  • Enhanced Engagement: BellaDerm’s compelling ad creatives drove higher engagement rates, showing a 100% uptick in the last 90 days.
  • Improved Conversion: The targeted approach to audience segmentation and ad placement resulted in a notable increase in sales conversions, yielding a positive return on investment (ROI) for the campaign.


Our success with BellaDerm’s social media marketing strategy underscores the platform’s effectiveness as a tool for brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Consequently, BellaDerm increased its visibility and engagement with its customer base, resulting in a significant increase in foot traffic.

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