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We are Wiz Worxx

Wiz Worxx Web Development is a Philippine based digital marketing company that was established in 2018. We cater to the local and US markets. Our services are categorized in four different branches. We provide branding, development, marketing, and information technology services. Our team consists of experts in each and every field of digital marketing, and we have a proven process in completing projects while creating different effective marketing strategies that guarantee consistent traffic and online exposure for all our clients.

Our goal is to be one of the leading marketing companies that provides all inclusive services in one roof, a one-stop shop for all your online needs. We want to create a culture in the Philippines where any business has access to premium digital marketing services at easy and affordable rates. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up company or an already established brand, we have the skill set to provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to be successful online. The projects that we take on vary from entry level to full scale marketing campaigns. Our edge over our competition is that we provide premium services at flexible and budget friendly rates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our services accessible and available to any type of business, big or small. We want to bring cost effective but world class marketing strategies to companies that have been used to traditional marketing or expensive ad spending.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading providers for digital marketing services here in the Philippines and across the globe. 

Who We Are



Miguel Concepcion


Ariane Apostol

Human Resources

Maureen Peralta

Operations Manager

Jay-ar Ramos

Head Developer

Development Team


Randolfh Ferariza


Hubert Tulan

Location: Pampanga

Likes: Watching Anime and new technology updates

Hobbies: Reading Manga, Manhua and manhwa

What does a typical day at Wiz Worxx look like: Server security and monitoring

James Patrick Jacob


Marketing Team

Nick Bugarin

SEO - Team Lead
Wiz Worxx

Meg Equila

Content Developer / SMM
Location: Pangasinan

Likes: Hollywood Classic Movies

Hobbies: Binge watching

What does a typical day at Wiz Worxx look like: Content Planning and Strategy; Content Creation; Research and Trend Analysis; Collaboration and Coordination; Content Scheduling and Publishing

Kevin Orduña

Creative Manager
Wiz Worxx

Eunice Anne Orduña

Social Media - Team Lead
Location: Baguio City

Hobbies: I enjoy spending my free time watching TV series, catching up on BTS shows, and browsing through Shopee.

What does a typical day at Wiz Worxx look like: As a working mom, my day involves balancing job responsibilities and family care, from morning to night

Czarmaine Bohol

Social Media Manager

Rolando Padilla

Graphic Designer

Robin John Blancas

Sales Associate
Likes:Watching documentaries.

Hobbies: Hiking

What does a typical day at Wiz Worxx look like: Calls, Calls and Calls

Heaven Santos

Content Developer / SMM

Karl Orduña

Graphic Designer

Phea Sumo

Content Developer / SMM
Location: Baguio City
Likes: Romcom Movies and K-Drama, Fashion, Music

Hobbies: Watching, Reading books, Singing

What does a typical day at Wiz Worxx look like: Content development and blog postings

Kaira M. Angeles

Content Developer

Katrina Uzziel Gomez

Marketing Assistant



Cris Castañeda

On-Site Manager
Wiz Worxx

Red Dador

Sales Team Lead
Location: Baguio City

Likes: Sports and documentaries

Hobbies: Mind games and socializing

What does a typical day at Wiz Worxx look like: Learning, earning and grinding


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